Hello There!




I am SO pumped that you are here and ready to learn WordPress!

It can be a tricky thing, you know, navigating the WordPress dashboard and getting just frazzled trying to do the simplest thing like upload your theme, add your navigation bar or even just set a featured image for your post (for cryin’ out loud!).

What’s worse, is that when you can’t get it all figured out you have a date with Google and get sucked in for sometimes HOURS on end, just trying to get one little thing done.


WordPress WOW training is meant to get you on your feet and up and running in WordPress in no time flat. No more Google dates (sorry, Google), no more frustration, no more wasting another night not getting anywhere because you feel tech challenged.


This training will make you feel like a WordPress Champ.

YOU GET OVER 40 bite sized, WordPress training videos you will be up and going again in minutes.

What’s best, is that you can get it for as little as $1 per day for 7 whole days if you want to power your way through and get your or business website ready for the world.


Enough with the small talk! Tutorials include: 


Get started today by choosing your Membership Level for INSTANT Access!

$7 gets you 7 whole days if you want to get started in a flash

$25 gets you 3 entire months of access to the training so you can come back whenever you need to for a quick how to

STEP 1: Simply login using Google or WordPress STEP 2: Checkout securely through Paypal! STEP 3: Get your training on! Once you pay, you have instant access to 40+ WordPress Training Tutorials (sweet!)




When will I get access to the training?
Once you select your membership, you will be redirected to Paypal to complete the payment. Once complete, you will receive instant access to all of the training videos!
Who is the training for?
If you already know your way around a WordPress Dashboard, I suggest taking a look at each of the training modules to be sure we cover what you need. This training is best suited for beginners!
Can I join more than once?
Yes! If you find you need access to the training again and your membership has ended, feel free to purchase again!
Do you offer refunds?
Once you pay, if you decide the training is not for you please contact me within 24 hours for a full refund. After 24 hours, I am sorry I cannot offer refunds because of the instant nature of access to the training videos!


OH, Hey!


You are probably wondering who I am, and why in the world you should want to learn from me, right! Well, I am glad you asked! I self taught myself WordPress from the ground up. Meaning, I started just like you and had NO CLUE how to even add my own logo to a theme. Now, I design gorgeous and incredibly purposeful WordPress sites for bloggers and established, creative women who have their own passion fueled business. I am a Brand Stylist, WordPress Ninja and Strategy Queen – aka – the person you want to be learning from. And this little gal here, she keeps me on my toes so I can help you blog amazing.






PS. Wow WordPress Training is brought to you by the experts over at WPDMU. They are the perfect partner when it comes to WordPress Training, they are pros.